7 important tips to create user engaging social media design

Concept base unique graphic design for social media post makes your brand really out of the box in the digital world; social media is all about photos, attractive graphics & videos, if your graphic design is good enough to grab the attention of the users then you already win the race of social media marketing.
“Study says that people are reacting to images & infographics than the regular boring post with lots of content”, even Instagram, Pinterest & Tumbler give priority to images & videos as an important source of content than regular typo content.
It is no wonder that graphic design is the key to get success in social media marketing of your Brand, all major & multinational companies invest a huge amount in the social media marketing campaigns to get the attention of the prospect and make him saturate with good quality image & video content and force him to purchase its product/service.
So, now the question is how to design your social media creative graphics and what is the graphic design content strategy to connect your prospect with your brand long time & convert into a loyal customer and your company’s silent brand ambassador.

Let’s take a look at the 7 very important tips to create user engaging social media designs

Tip: 1. Use HD Quality Image / Video for social media graphic design

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As per the statistics “human attention span is reduced by only 8 seconds in 2020”, which means if you want to grab the attention of your prospect then you have very little time.
So the question is how to catch attention? It’s only possible with HD quality photo/video, the first step toward social media success is high-definition graphics and video.
How to get/find HD images for your social media graphic design?
• Use HD images from Google
• Use HD & unique images from image bazaar, Sutter stock
• Use the photoshoot of your product with a professional camera

Tip: 2. User color contrast in social media creative design

The perfect balance of light & dark color in your social media creative graphic design can catch more engagement than other plain colored design, a combination of contrast color can stop social media user to stop scrolling and this is the main aim of any brand to stop the scroll and pay attention to their social media designs. Let’s talk about some perfect color contrast combinations for your social media creative design, dark yellow with dark blue, Red with aqua blue, green with magenta, etc.
The question is how to find the best color contrast for your brand color theme? Is there any tool to find the best color contrast? The answer is yes, canva color wheel, with help of this tool you are not just able to find contrast (complementary) combination, and you can also find monochromatic, analogous, triadic & tetradic color combination and get an idea about your social media creative design color selection.

Tip: 3. Add clear and unique headline in social media creative design

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This is one of the most important tips for social media creative design, this helps the brand to think about their product/service.
As per the statistics over 3.6 billion people using social media on daily basis in 2020 and the number projected to increase over 4.4 billion by 2025, traffic on social media is increase day by day and attention span drastically reduced so it Is very difficult to get the attention of the user for your social media post.
The most important thing to use in social media creative design is the clear and unique headline to grab the attention of users, your social media creative design’s headline should be written in such a way that users forced to talk action with your product/service and this is the only purpose of social media marketing
Again the question is, how to check your social media headline is effective or not, is there any tool to check the healthiness of social media creative design’s headline, the answer is yes co schedule headline analyzer, with the help of this tool they provide you report for your headline, word limit in the headline, SEO rating, power, common & emotional words placement in your headline, etc.

Tip: 4. Use hero shot in your social media creative design

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The hero shot is also an important part of social media creative design to get more engagement.
Why brands endorse celebrities for their product/service advertisement? Because some famous personality talk & recommend about your brand product, people easily convinced about their product/service, that’s the power of hero shot, similarly apply for social media graphic design use hero shot in design, grab user attention easily and trust on your product/service.
How to use a hero shot in your social media design?
Social media influencer hold your product
• Social media influencer talk about the benefit of your product/service in video
• Influence’s eye to eye contact photo in social media creative
• The happy face of social media influencer in social media creative

Tip: 5. Add Call to Action (CTA) in social media creative design

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If you are not using the call to action in your social media design then you are losing the race of social media marketing.
Call to Action is a very integral part of social media creative design, if you are expecting inquiries from your social media marketing campaign then you must add Call to Action (CTA) in your social media creative design.
The question is how and want kind of CTA use in social media creative design?
• Apply Now
• Get it Now
• Grab it Now
• Call Now
• Inquiry Now
• Limited period offer
• Get a FREE trial now
• Get 2-week FREE access
• Claim your coupon now & many more

Tip: 6. Convey message with unique Visual Representation in social media design

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Social media marketing is a game of unique creativity, if you want to maintain the top position in a race, you must convey your message with unique & extraordinary visual representation.
Nowadays all brands are ready to pay a huge amount for extraordinary visual representation for their social media creative design, make social media design such a way that conveys the message of their product/service with unique graphical representation, and that grab the user attention and make special space in user subconscious mind.
Yes, this is the main aim of unique visual representation to make space in the audience’s subconscious mind.

Tip: 7. consistently maintain color scheme, font style & design templates in all social media creative post

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Consistency is a key factor for brand recognition and social media marketing success.
Think about MacDonald our mind recognize red & yellow color, Cadbury: dark purple, Nike: black-just do it, it’s all about the power of consistency.

How to maintain consistency in social media creative post
• Prepare social media posting calendar
• Prepare social media content
• Create a frame for social media creative post
• Maintain same logo placement in all social media post
• Maintain the same font style in all social media post
• Maintain same color scheme for all social media post

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